PostMaster Express

Manages and maintains email servers

PostMaster Express is a lightweight and tightly engineered software program that can be used as an email server. This software has a lot of features such as an intuitive set-up wizard for hassle-free installation and configuration, an independent Java platform, a standard desktop operation capable of multi-tasking, compatibility with all types of Internet connections, a mail transfer scheduler and a support for non-domain and domain scenarios.

There are basic user controls such as prioritization, mailbox size, creation of alias accounts for different groups or departments, forwarding and archiving for proper flow of information and a seamless integration of anti-virus plug-in or AvAc for gateway level virus scanning.

There are detailed log reports and a global address book that is accessible by users. PostMaster Express can also download from multiple POP accounts or work with any POP3/SMTP complaint email clients.

This tool has support for username: password based authenticated SMTP relay and many more functions. PostMaster Express is an easy and cost-effective application which can be used by organizations or firms managing and maintaining email systems.